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Sifu Jamal Alek

Sifu Jamal Alek, born in Manchester UK, has been studying Chinese Martial Arts, such as Shaolin Kung Fu – Wing Chun Kung Fu, from a young age. He found his love for Tai Chi in 2004 and committed his training to learning a deeper understanding of Traditional Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. Competing at international level he has won many gold medals and currently he has been awarded 4 Gold Medals and 2 Silver in the 2017 Open Masters Category, also joining his team to go on to win the Ronnie Robinson Trophy for Push Hands Applications.

Sifu Jamal Alek is a disciple of GM Liming Yue and a Senior Instructor at the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre in Manchester China Town UK. Training, studying and teaching on a daily basis for the love of the arts and helping to promote Tai Chi Health to the world, he is also the Head of the Southern Lion and Dragon, performing Traditional Chinese Lion and Dragon Dance – Tai Chi and Kung Fu across the UK during the Chinese Holidays and Festivals, promoting Chinese Culture to Communities and working with Charities across the NorthWest, providing Tai Chi Health and Qigong Health to those in need, and working closely with the Chinese Community to help preserve Traditional Tai Chi and Kung Fu Culture for future generations.