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Live broadcast on classes / seminars 太极气功直播教学视频

Shown automatically when available! Feel free to watch demo videos below. 中国视频窗口


Free Health Qigong Demonstration & Instruction Videos 免费气功展示与教学视频

Ma Wang Dui Dao Yin shu Health Qigong By Master Tary & Group<br />
马王堆导引术;Ba Duan Jin Health Qigong By Master Faye<br />
八段锦健身气功;Xing Yi Zhaung gong<br />
Ma Wang Dui Dao Yin shu Health Qigong By Master Tary &

Free Sun & Yang Style Tai Chi, Xing Yi & Kung Fu Demonstration & Instruction Videos

Single Horizontal Push hand practice<br />
平圆单推手;Sun Style Tai Ji Quan 13 Step<br />
孙氏太极拳13式;Wudang_Tai_Chi_Sword<br />
Single Horizontal Push hand practice

London Competition Open Ceremony

Group Ba Duan Jin Performance;<br />
Chinese Callingraphy;<br />
Chinese Drum Dance;<br />
Henglong Group Demonstration;<br />
Red Flower Dance;<br />
Tary Group Performance
Group Ba Duan Jin Performance

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