This page sets out the initial thoughts on the design and process for a person becoming a competitor in a Wushu competition and uploading their material, how the public voting will be done, how the judges will enter their scores and how the competition will be completed with the results published and sent to the entrants.

This system will take some time to develop and must be planned from start to finish before coding commences.

Basic principles:

  1.  A competitor will have only one name but can have several entries into the competition
  2.  The competition will be divided into style/form sections, each of which will be sub-divided into ability classes (beginner, advanced etc)
  3. The entry system will be opened on a set date
  4. Entries will be open for a defined period
  5. After closing the entries will be grouped by style and ability, placed in a category then each entry will be created as a product.
  6. Public judging will be by a vote purchased on the product page which will show video
  7. Data will be stored in a table for each competition with the files being stored on the FTP_Root site/Wushu/CompetitionXX/Entrant number



  1. Individual entry (The first entry will be £15 the second and susequent will be £8 each)
    It will not be possible to add extra entries to an existing order
  2. A group entry will be £30 with no discount
  3. Public vote (£1 for each vote) (batch purchase and discounts not available)


Entry Information:

  1. Each competitor must start by entering their email address or competitor number
  2. This information will be check to determine if they have entered this (or possibly past) competitions.
  3. If they are new they will be aked to confirm their email address and if they correlate an email of confirmation will be sent to which they must reply before proceeding
  4. On validating their email address they will be allocated a competitor number
    (Note the competitor number will start at 1000)
  5. the competitor  number will be shown on all subsequent screens for that entrant with their name and other relevant information and will be the subdirectory name in the database and FTP store
  6. They will the enter personal information:
    Name (First & Last)
    Age (pull down menu) (this will be used in the table to sort competitors)
    Male or female (pull down menu) (non-binary not permitted)
    Country (pull down menu)
  7. Before they can upload any information they must purchase the correct number of entries,
  8. once payment has been received the entrant will be able to log in with their competitor number if the order count is greater than 0 they will be invited to build and upload their first entry including:
  9. Each entry will consit of:
    Logo (Optional)
    Image (jpg 640px by 480px) (via file browse) (used in the product)
    video (mp4 720p or 480p not greater than 100MB) (via file browse)
    Description (free form text 144 characters max)
    Style/form (pull down menu)
    level (if required) (pull down menu)
  10. The files will then be uploaded and progres of the upload shown, as each file upload is completed they will be added to a completed list.
  11. When all files have completed a message will be given on screen and an email sent with the details to the entrant and the competition supervisor.
  12. as each entry completes and the email sent the order count is decremented.
  13. Second and subsequent entries will follow the same procedure.


Product & public voting:

  1. Once the entry period has finished the system will tabulate the entries in each style/form and level and create the necessary sub categories
  2. For each entry a product will be created
  3. The product will include:
    logo (if provided)
    the image
    a voting box
  4. The voting pages will then be created showing the products grouped by style and ability
  5. a click on a product will epand that product to full size
  6. A click on the image will display the video
  7. A click on the voting box will take to PayPal express check out


Expert voting:

  1. Experts/judges can vote at any time after the public voting opens and must complete when the judging period closes
  2. A judge will be a user with a special access to the judging portal
  3. The judging portal will show the entries
  4. the judge will select the entry they want to view, this can again be the product but with a zero cost.
  5. the judge will be able to view as many entries as they like before giving their mark.
  6. Once a judge has given a mark for a product they will not be able to change that mark.


After Voting closes:

  1. the number of each product sold will be added to the table of entries
  2. The judges marks for each entry will be added up and put in the table on entries
  3. the table will then be sent to the organisers who will plce the entries in order.
  4. When the completed table is submitted back to the site it will be validated before publication.
  5. An email will be sent to all entrants showing how they scored for each entry.