This page was last updated on 2019-09-17

On this page we will give information about the computer systems that we have found have worked with the on-line teaching system that we use.  For details of how each type of system is used follow the links

Types of system

There are 3 basic types of system:
1. one to one student teaching
2. portable teaching and streaming
3. studio recording, teaching and streaming

We are finding it very difficult to specify a make and model of computer equipment because the manufacturers keep changing the systems.  Some guidance can be seen in the vMix Reference Systems.

1. One to One student teaching

Please follow the link for a desciption of how this works.
This system will be used by a student when they are having a lesson from an instructor who is at another location.  This connection is very like a video call in Skype, Whatsapp or WeChat.

1 Webcam with Microphone (the Logitech C922 has been found to work)
2 Computer, laptop or tablet with built in or external speakers
3 Software – Web Browser
4 Internet connection

The camera can be a webcam or better and must be able to film the complete body while doing the training.  The microphone can be built into the camera.  The speakers must be positioned so that the student can hear the instructor without causing feedback. It will be necessary to have enough space to do the required exercises and the lighting must be good enough to give a clear picture.  The training area must be quiet.

2. Portable Teaching and Streaming

Designed for an instructor who wishes to teach over distance and be able to carry the equipment to different locations. This system is designed for a single camera, multiple cameras can be used as can be seen on this link. This system can be used to record  lessons, stream lessons onto the internet and be the host for one to one lessons.

1 Camera on tripod – This must have a continuous video output
2 If the camera has HDMI output a USB 3 converter
3 Microphone
4 Laptop Computer
5 Windows 10 64bit
6 vMix Live Production & Streaming Software

3. Studio recording, Teaching and Streaming