This page will help you set up a portable system to host one to one lessons and to stream lessons to one or several places.

Designed for an instructor who wishes to teach over distance and be able to carry the equipment to different locations. This system is designed for a single or multiple cameras. This system can be used to record  and stream lessons onto the internet or be the host for one to one lessons.

We recommend that the minimum standard for the system is 720p with a streaming bandwidth of 1.5Mbps.  However if the available internet speed will not allow that bandwidth then 480p at 500kbps can be used successfully.

Camera on tripod – This must have a continuous 1080p HDMI output
(Zoom Q2n-4K or Panasonic GX80)  This will need its own power.
HDMI to USB 3 converter – (Elgato HD60S)
Microphone – it is possible to use the microphones on the cameras but a lapel microphone is better –
(Sennheiser XSW-D Lavalier Set)
Laptop Computer – with Intel i7-8750 processor and NVIDIA GTX1060, at least 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 and video out
Windows 10 64bit operating system, Professional is preferable but Home will work
v Mix HD (for more capability you can use the 4K or Pro versions)