This is a free live broadcast for Edinburgh Fringe Festival by Master Liming Yue

Tai Chi and Qigong Show and Taster sessions on Edinburgh Fringe Festival – 2nd to 26th August 2019

Join Grandmaster Liming Yue and the students of Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation Edinburgh for a complete look at Tai Chi and Qigong. The event will include demonstrations along with seminars/workshops in all aspects of Chen style Tai Chi including: forms, traditional weaponry, tui shou (push hands) and meditation. Explore the ancient yet easily practised skills of Qigong to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Please visit the official site to book your tickets at:

These are the extractions of performing and teaching clips during the Festival.

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83 Form Performance;Group 11 Form;Cannon Fist;We De Fan Form;Push Hands;Tai Chi Sabre
First 15 movements of 83 Form Performance

Performing and teaching clips during the Chenjiagou village visiting to Edinburgh on 21st August 2019.