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Watch Live classes provided to the members by the Tai Chi Centre

All classes in the Tai Chi Centre are available to watch via live broadcast. We are closed on Friday and Sunday.

The Live Streaming Seminars

The live streaming videos are only available to watch when they are broadcasting. Please check our seminars page to find out more details.

Video Clips of Tai Chi Seminars and events by Master Liming Yue

Tai Chi Questions and Answers
Cannon Fist Seminars
Seminar in Turin 12-13 May 2018
Seminar in Rome 15 May 2018
Seminar in Pitigliano 18 May 2018
Seminar in Venice 16-17th June 2018
Chinese Health Qigong – Yi Jing Jin in London 2018
Cesena, Italy Seminar 15-16 September 2018
Tai Chi Double Fan Seminar 26-27 January 2019
Tai Chi Sword Seminar 16-17 February 2019
Tai Chi Spear Seminar
More to come…