This page is for the Paul Cutland (UK) Branch of the federation.

Paul has been an instructor with Master Yue for many years and has helped him develop the on-line teaching, computer and web site systems.

The first of the two video windows is a loop of videos recorded by Master Liming and other instructors in the federation including by Paul.  The lower window is used for live broadcasts.  When there is no Live broadcast a still image will be shown.

This video is a test from my laptop

This is OBS channel from main server of Federation channel.

This is a develpment page for the video material gathered in Treviso Italy in May 2019.

Treviso 1

Introduction; Opening Ritual;Laojia Demonstration;8 Strengths;Application;


Sabre; Sword; Laojia Erlu

Warm up, 8 Powers and Demonstrations

Warm Up; 8 Powers Instruction; 8 Powers Practice; Demonstrations
Warm Up

Laojia 1

The videos for the Laojia are in a single play list, scroll down the playlist to see the different parts.

Postures; Practice 1; Practice 2;Practice 3

Laojia 2

Practice 4;Part 2;Part 3;Part 4;Part 5;Part 6;
Practice 4

Postures, Push Hands and Presentation