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Sifu Pete Hornby

Sifu Pete Hornby has been studying the Chinese Martial Art of Lau Gar Kuen for over 44 years under Grandmaster Jeremy Yau. Lau Gar is a very effective traditional Southern style of Kung Fu derived from five animals, tiger, leopard, dragon, snake and crane. It is one of the oldest Kung Fu styles, originating in the Kuei Ling Temple situated in Kong Sai (Guangxi) Province in West China and spreading down into South West China.

Pete is a disciple of both Grandmasters Chen Zhenglei and Liming Yue and is a Senior Instructor at the Chen Style Tai Chi Centre in Manchester.

Pete also has an extensive knowledge of the Chinese Health Qigong routines, Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Liu Zi Jue, Ma Wang Dui and Taiji Yang Sheng Zhang.
He has a passion for training, studying and teaching in all these forms and an overwhelming desire to teach these arts to one and all.