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Watch Live classes provided to the platform members by the Tai Chi Centre UK

We are now broadcasting all classes in the Centre. As a platform member you will be able to watch our classes from 1:00pm to 1:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; 6:10pm to 7:00pm on Monday and Wednesday; 11:00am – 11:50am on Sunday until further notice.

Join our face to face classes on Zoom! Meeting ID: 7562440399; Password: Platform18: The Live class videos will only appear in the window below during the opening hours shown above.

The Video Library for Live Streaming Classes

5 Animal Qigong Ba Duan Jin Qigong Tai Chi 24 Simplified Form 11 Form Seminar

Tai Chi Qigong Foundation Exercises

Warm up follow me;Single and Double Silk Reeling Exercises; Warm up lower stance; Qigong Foundation Exercise;
Warm up follow me

Tai Chi 8 Form – Master Liming Yue

Demonstration; Follow me for 3 times; Instruction part one; Instruction part two;
Tai Chi 8 Form Performance

First 15 movements of Laojia Form – Master Liming Yue

Demonstration;Part one - 1;Part one - 2;Part one - 3;
Laojia Form

The following downloadable videos are free for you to download:

Tai Chi 8 form teaching in Chinese – 75 minutes 2018-02-17

Yan Zhigang Walm up exercises 2018-02-17

Zhang Dongwu 18 Form part 1 teaching 2018-02-18

83 Form – Teaching first 5 movement – Liming Yue

Laojia Private lesson with Damia – Liming Yue

Tai Chi 8 Form Demonstration – Liming Yue

Wushu Performance in London 2017